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China pipe fitting mould manufacturer-
SINO-PF introduction

Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co. is the professional and high classic Chinese pipe fitting mould manufacturers in the world. To consider the big moulds investment of our customers, SINO-PF is innovating on the pipe fitting mould structures in order to reduce pipe fitting moulds cost and improve the fitting moulds quality, SINO-PF's R&D department are researching on different type's pipe fitting moulds structures, compoents standard, machining process, quality controlling...Anually, SINO-PF produce more than 1000 sets of pipe fitting mould, most of them are delivered to Spain, German, Frace, Italy, Portugar, Argentina, Chile, Brazil,Mexico Russia ,Israel,Saudi Arabia, Iran, Eqypt, Tunisia, South Africa. SINO-PF almost has all kinds of pipe fitting moulds design which are ready made, have herself's pipe fitting mould design standard. Based on the outstanding mould design, SINO-PF has strong machining capacity and very profesional tooling process, around 150 assembling workshop member have very high assembling and pipe fitting mould injection testing inspection capacity. We keen on the high quality combine with low cost and on time delivery.

Sino Pipe fitting mould Co.,Ltd, professional pipe fitting mould maker, have many years experience in making pipe fitting mould, such as PVC pipe fitting mould, PPR pipe fitting mould, U-PVC pipe fitting mould, and any other special fitting mould.
According to shape of the pipe fitting, pipe fitting mould can be divided into several kinds: bend pipe fitting, cross pipe fitting, Y-type branch, coupling, union, adapter male, adapter female, reducer and so on. Today we will mainly introduce the bend p
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